Feb 122013

These words hold nothing of the action of their creation or method of moving through space and time. They hold none of the beauteous imperfections of the pen or the callouses of walking the interwebs, and yet these words transfer nuggets of shared meaning to inspire you, the reader. These magical characters have been transferred a number of times. After this was typed on a mobile phone in the Tumblr app, it is posted for the wild world on a little site created for the sole purpose. A minute Feedburner rewrites the feed so that it is formatted correctly, then an elephantine Wordpress with a FeedWordPress plugin acting the part of a trunk lumbers along at regular intervals and sucks up any nuggets of knowledge it hasn’t previously encountered. This elephant will play with the informative package until the elephant keeper comes by and looks it over, making any changes necessary to communicate more clearly. Lo! A brief cluster of idea- generating symbols nestled in the middle of ampersanddragon.net, which can then be loaded in a process that involves ones and zeroes in a manner beyond my knowledge to jump off your screen and into your mind. Which is a process of comparable complexity to the digital transfer, involving the capturing of the digital configuration of light, inverting it, then interpreting it into recognizable symbols, which are then read for meaning: all instantaneously.

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