Dear Konrad

Dear Konrad, We’ve been partners for a year: I’ve never thanked you for your love and support.  You tolerate me and are privy to my most personal thoughts even though I treat you as a tool.  I only take care of you when you run dry, giving you fuel, like coffee, so that you may [...]

Traditional Watkins Pastry

If I were a pastry, I’d be too sweet to eat, and so cute it would be hard not to take a nibble. Rich, dark chocolate ice cream oozes into your mouth as you bite into a white fluffy clear-glazed doughnut. A dollop of swirled maple-flavored whipped cream sits atop your Watkins and will always [...]

Fairy Tale Moment

This thing is elegant, its’s sweet. rad, and a little small for my fingers. But it’s so sweet to be able to type anywhere!!! I feel so cool! This takes up less space than a netbook, and weighs only a few extra ounces more than what I usually carry. I already carry my phone around. [...]

DS106 PhotoBlitz

DS106 PhotoBlitz

Phew.  I must say that was more fun than I expected.  It was also the first time that I’ve really appreciated photography as its own medium.  I usually find myself taking photographs for the purpose of recording events or inspiration, and collecting references for drawings.   Taking artistic photos can be really fun!  In order to [...]

The Contour of a Main Character’s Time Travel

In this video Kurt Vonnegut comically and relates a simple method for analyzing stories, briefly mentioning how these stories together reflect Western Civilization’s preferred story shapes.  I feel that this method is too general, and doesn’t encompass the subtleties that create intrigue in stories.  It also focuses on only one character, and changes in fortune [...]

Fate in the Cards

Fate in the Cards

Between Five Card Flickr and the original Five Card Nancy,  Nancy makes a more cohesive story.  It took me several attempts in FCF to create a five-image sequence that did not demand a lengthy and warped narrative for a relationship, while Nancy’s inherent visual coherence lends itself better to scrambled storytelling. The final Five Card Flickr [...]

Falling Flat: in{SIPID}

Falling Flat: in{SIPID}

in[SPIRE]. The cream of the crop of a creative class: an irresistable ocean of delight… in theory.  In looking for a particular project to review from the cacauphanous collection, I opened several in tabs to examine.  Indeed intruiging – I relished the opportunity to read about the making of a coffee-related gif, an episode of Animal Hospital  [...]

Internet:Epic. Digital Storytelling

Stories are how people make sense of the world around them, and present their experiences to others, often with the side effect of influencing or informing the recipient. Stories are humble things, that go unnoticed in the fabric of daily life. Most meetings in the day are punctuated by anecdotes. These mostly or semi-factual accounts [...]

Hello ds106, and daily create!

It has been an overwhelming week for a social media neophyte booting up.  Never before have I had such an internet presence, learning about so many new tools and their use so quickly.  As a consequence, I turned to my strengths in making my first Daily Create.  I used Quicktime to record my screen activity [...]

Team Radio Show Unite!

Team Radio Show Unite!

Team Radio Show Unite! on Flickr.

The debate heats up as ideas fly on the subject of our subject. I’m the advocate of PICK SOMETHING ALREADY so that I can plan and organize. In the great words of Sir Reginald Pikedevant, Esquire, “just glue some gears on it and call it Steampunk”.

Think Lab Love

My new sounds: Belated Valentine’s gift-making in the ThinkLab

Transparent Telepathy

These words hold nothing of the action of their creation or method of moving through space and time. They hold none of the beauteous imperfections of the pen or the callouses of walking the interwebs, and yet these words transfer nuggets of shared meaning to inspire you, the reader. These magical characters have been transferred a number of times. After this was typed on a mobile phone in the Tumblr app, it is posted for the wild world on a little site created for the sole purpose. A minute Feedburner rewrites the feed so that it is formatted correctly, then an elephantine Wordpress with a FeedWordPress plugin acting the part of a trunk lumbers along at regular intervals and sucks up any nuggets of knowledge it hasn’t previously encountered. This elephant will play with the informative package until the elephant keeper comes by and looks it over, making any changes necessary to communicate more clearly. Lo! A brief cluster of idea- generating symbols nestled in the middle of ampersanddragon.net, which can then be loaded in a process that involves ones and zeroes in a manner beyond my knowledge to jump off your screen and into your mind. Which is a process of comparable complexity to the digital transfer, involving the capturing of the digital configuration of light, inverting it, then interpreting it into recognizable symbols, which are then read for meaning: all instantaneously.

Cursed PIrate Girl

Cursed PIrate Girl

Since Jeremy Bastian drew the Kolinsky Sable from the wind-tossed waves of the Omerta Sea, he has been crowned the once and future artist of all inky-scratchy pirate graphic novels. I am willing to wait for a decade if necessary for the next intricate installment. The quirky details of this intricate volume will keep me entertained until then.

Solar Panels: Steampunk’d

Practical and Affordable DIY solar lighting on a small scale:

Jake von Slatt genius again! In this recent post, he not only describes his ingenious development of small solar lanterns, but also the Macguyvered mini table saw designed to facilitate the resizing of the inexpensive photovoltaic panels.

Advent of Mobile Blogging

The tantalizing tentacles of social media tug me into the glowing nodes pulsing with bytes of shared knowledge. Soon I may dissolve and play my part in a story displayed for the world’s nonlinear stage. As I pokey-type this out on my puny phone screen I yearn for a compatible keyboard, but am still thrilled with the prospect of carrying the interactive internet in my pocket. A quip-laced commentary and keen analysis will now be unleashed!!